May 18, 2016 - DOWN BUT NOT OUT!

Hey, all! I've been battling some serious vocal issues for a while now. It has completely shut down my creative output. All I can say is I have not given up and am slowly trying to regain my voice, so as to be able to get back out there and perform. Wish me luck.


May 27, 2014 - I'M BACK!!!

Well hello there! It has been far too long since I have updated this page. The reason is I really haven't produced any new music worth sharing. I was busy last year singing with my little girls on a French-Canadian TV show - lots of fun! Now it is time to get back to my original music, and I look forward to sharing some new tunes soon. Thanks for continuing to check in. Life is good. I now need to make new music to reflect that fact. My best to all of you.


February 11, 2012 - Passing the torch...

Sadly, the FACTOR funding for my next record did not come through, so while I try to gather money some other way (legally), I decided to work on some music at home with my two little girls. I knew they both had musical abilities, but never in a million years could I have imagined just how beautiful their first studio recordings would turn out. They are still very young, but I think you will agree the maturity and emotion of their performances is beyond their years. Please be sure to check out the samples section of my music page...and let me know what you think, at Many thanks for all your support. I'll keep working on how to get more (well-produced) PBB tunes to you soon.


October 24, 2011 - On the RADIO!!! Sort of...

Been a while! I've been keeping very busy lately with all things musical and sound-related. Indeed, as I await FACTOR's delayed decison on whether I will be granted some funding towards my sophomore CD, I have been working on my Peter Bloom Band material. But I have also been spending a lot of time and effort on a RADIO Internet radio show, that is! At the risk of two of my worlds colliding, I been locked away in my mini-studio creating and producing imaging elements (show intros, extros and IDs) for my old buddies, Humble and Fred - most notably the former morning hosts at 102.1 the Edge FM in Toronto, and currently blazing a new trail as Internet radio pioneers. I interned for them when I first moved to Toronto. For those who may not know the story, Humble and Fred took me in when I had nothing, and eventually I wound up briefly co-hosting my own show, while forging a "side career" in voice-over work, in order to pay the bills so I could keep honing my musical craft. I haven't done radio for a while now, due to my concentration on Peter Bloom Band. But if it weren't for Humble and Fred, I never would have found a way to earn a living while still managing to pursue music at a serious level. So I'm happy to finally be able to return the favour. Being a musician/voice-over artist is a risky business, but it does provide me with a somewhat flexible schedule for the most part. And when the boys told me they were embarking on this new venture, I offered to help in any way I could. It has been a lot of work, but also a lot of any worthwhile endeavour usually is. Check out the podcast when you get a chance. A warning: some of the content can get a little "blue" or inappropriate for younger ears. But it's all meant in good fun! So Peter Bloom Band is not gone, just sharing its creativity with some old pals for a while. Mind you, Humble and Fred will have me play a PBB tune on their show from time to time, which is cool. OK, that's it for now. Thanks for your continuing support!


August 25, 2011 - Reminder: Show TONIGHT!

I will be doing an opening solo set on a three-act bill at the Smiling Buddha Bar in Toronto tonight. I'm on first at 9:00 pm. Bring a friend...or ten! Smiling Buddha Bar is at 961 College St. (at Dovercourt Rd.). Phone: 416-516-2531. Visit their site at:


August 8, 2011 - Back on Stage...and It Feels Good!

1. SongStudio 2011 in Toronto was a tremendous way for me to finally regain the feeling of being a performing singer/songwriter, after a pretty tough year of inactivity, due primarily to the loss of my dad, and the dissolution of a very disappointing record distribution deal. For a solid week in late July, some 40 singer/songwriters from across the country gathered together to up the level of their craft in workshops led by the likes of rock legend Rik Emmett (Triumph), 80's pop-rock star Blair Packham (The Jitters), acclaimed songstress Emm Gryner, hugely successful singer/songwriter Marc Jordan (The Rhythm of My Heart for Rod Stewart), and brilliant east coast songwriter Ron Hines. Apart from rediscovering the joy of writing a song...and re-writing, and re-wrtiting, and re-writing...I also had the opportunity to play a number of live venues around town, culminating in a feature performance slot at Hugh's Room, in front of a full-house.  Awesome!

2. I'm off to Nashville next week, yet another piece of the puzzle being put back where it belongs. I will be working on songs for my upcoming record, and touching base with as many industry friends and contacts as possible. I'm sure I will hit the stage at an open mic or two, as those nights are always fun and somewhat fascinating to me.  By the way, yes, I am once again driving the 12+ hours each way alone. Guess I'm a sucker for punishment!

3. My next show will be a solo slot on a three-act bill at the Smiling Buddha Bar in Toronto on Thursday, August 25th. I'm on first at 9:00 pm. I would love to see you out there to support me and my music habit! Bring a friend...or ten! Smiling Buddha Bar is at 961 College St. (at Dovercourt Rd.). Phone: 416-516-2531. Visit their site at: 

That's it for now. thanks for all your support!


April 7, 2011 - Back from China!

It's been a while...and with good reason!  I recently returned from a spectacular 3-week trip to CHINA!  Truly the trip of a lifetime!  Beijing, Shanghai and Xi'An (to see the Terra Cotta Warriors).  Brought lots of PBB CDs and gave them to people I thought might appreciate the music.  I was joking that next thing I know, there will be a bunch of pirated PBB CDs all over China; I'll have a number of hit songs and maybe even...dare I say it...a tribute band - HA!  One can always dream!  Anyway, I'm back and working on pre-production for the next record - always a long arduous process, but worth it in the end...I hope!  I was honoured recently to be featured on two music websites: at the end of March, and all this week.  Check out both sites if you get a chance.  Both do  their best to support under-the-radar indie music.  I will be in Quebec in a few weeks for a promotional visit in support of my soon-to-be- released French CD, which was put on hold last year due to my Dad's illness and ultimate passing.  Sadly no actual shows associated with this particular visit.  Soon though...sans faute (without fail)!  I should also have some new video clips up in the next little while - long overdue!  Enough babbling!  Thanks for your continuing support.  Peace

February 7, 2011 - Another Big Contest Win!!!

Great news to start off the new year - the PBB song Walls (from the Random Thoughts CD) just won the indie/alternative category of Mike Pinder's 2010 Songwars Contest!  Mike is a founding member of the famed group, The Moody Blues (Nights in White Satin, Tuesday Afternoon, Your Wildest Dreams).  He is also credited with introducing the classic mellotron to the Beatles, who subsequently used the distinct instrument in several notable songs.  Coincidentally enough, Walls begins with a mellotron introduction, as a little tip-of-the-hat to the Beatles.  Hmmmm...I wonder if that helped the song's contest chances!  It should be noted that both Let it Go and Haven't Hit The Floor Yet received honourable mentions in their respective categories.  So it was a pretty successful entry all around!  Please be sure to click on the Songwars hyperlink above to check out some of the other talented artists who won their categories.  Peace.

December 22, 2010 - R.I.P., "Mr. Bloom"...

For those of you who may have been wondering what happened to me and my musical updates this past year, I can only say that life - or more precisely death - forced me to put everything on hold for the latter half of 2010.  Sadly, my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer back in the spring, and the brutal reality simply took the wind out of me and my desire to perform.  After six months of unbelievably stoic determination, Dad's brave fight was lost.  Since his passing in the fall, I have slowly tried to put myself back together, which has not been an easy task.  One of the few people in the world whose opinion and support mean everything to me is now gone.  I guess one never really gets over it.  The best one can hope is to get through it and manage to keep living life to the fullest, as I am sure Dad would want.  So as this difficult year comes to a close, my family will go through our first Christmas without Dad, and then, hopefully, begin a new year with a renewed sense of purpose and determination, in his honour and memory.  I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas season, filled with fun, friends and family.  Stay safe...and here's to much happiness and success in 2011.  Peace.

May 19, 2010 - EN FRANCAIS, S.V.P.!

Sorry for the long delay since the last update.  I've been hard at work writing new material, as well as putting the finishing touches on the French version of Random Thoughts - it's sounding great, if I do say so myself!  Even before the CD is released, I will be posting samples on...MY NEW FRENCH SITE!!!  That's right, coming very soon - likely by next week's end - there will be a "mirror" site to this one for my French-speaking friends and fans!  Being from Montreal originally (GO HABS GO!), I am very excited, both to be releasing the French CD, and also to finally have a proper online vehicle by which to communicate with Quebec, and beyond!  So keep an eye and an ear out for the new tunes and the new site...merci et à bientôt, mes amis!

March 4, 2010 - I AM CANADIAN!!!

So, last week, I had the great honour and privilege of being asked to take part in a fundraising show in support of the Canadian Cancer Society.  Apart from the cause being one dear to me (and most of us, I am sure), I was thrilled to be part of such a great group of artists!  Many thanks to everyone involved.

The funny thing was that the event coincided with Team Canada's men's hockey team's gold medal showdown with the USA last Sunday!  Well of course I am not so shallow as to cancel my appearance in order to watch a simple hockey game...BUT, I did dig out a really old 13" TV from storage, and set it up backstage!  HA!  Fortunately Canada finally won in overtime (the US gave us a real run for our money)...and fortunately the game ended BEFORE my performance.  I could only imagine how difficult it would have been to sneak the TV up on stage with me!

After all was said and sung, a good amount of money was raised and it seemed that a great time was had by all.  And by the way, I wasn't the only one who brought a TV...there were TWO other ones on elsewhere behind the scenes!  What can we all say...except, "WE ARE CANADIAN"!!!


February 8, 2010 - D.A.N.I. BENEFIT SHOW TONIGHT!!!

I'm truly looking forward to another wonderful evening as part of the annual D.A.N.I. (Developing And Nurturing Independence) benefit concert, in support of people with special needs.  The amazing Justin Hines is headlining the show.  If anyone wants to attend at the last minute, show starts at 8:00 at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing ArtsOnline Box Office:
Box Office Phone: (905) 787-8811
Address: 10268 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON.  Hope to see you there!


December 21, 2009 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Be sure to check out the SHOWS section of this site.  February is shaping up to be a good month. In the meantime, whatever your holiday tradition, I want to wish you a happy and fulfilling one, and may 2010 be your best year yet!


November 8, 2009 - ITH BENEFIT CONCERT!!!

This past Friday night, PBB proudly took part in the annual Into The Heart (ITH) Benefit Concert, in support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  The night was chock-full of terrific U2 cover songs, performed by some of Toronto's best up-and-coming artists.  A great time was had by all, and there should soon be some pics and vids to prove it on Facebook, and possibly this site as well.  Stay tuned.


September 1st, 2009 - MORE GREAT NEWS!!!

Just found out PBB's Let It Go won the GRAND PRIZE OVERALL on Ourstage.Com this past month (August).  We had previously taken top honors in the indie pop category.  But this time, we placed first in the pop category...and then won the overall music grand prize!!!  I am a little stunned, and obviously very happy.  More soon...


August 10, 2009 - NATIONAL RECORD DEAL!!!

At long days as a 100% independent artist are done.  I am happy and proud to announce that Peter Bloom Band has just been signed to a national distribution deal with Blue Sapphire Music (distributed by DEP/Universal Music Canada)!  Random Thoughts is set to be released across Canada September 22nd, with a tour of Southern Ontario to follow shortly thereafter.

Here's the kicker...we are in the process of recording a FRENCH version of the CD, to be released (primarily for Quebec) later this fall!  A tour of La Belle Province will coincide.  As a Montrealer (born and raised), it feels GREAT to be rediscovering my Fench-Canadian roots, and hopefully my fellow Quebecers will like what I have to offer.

As for the rest of Canada, it could be early 2010 before I make it out west and down east...but I'm coming, so hang on!

Please be sure to request "Let It Go" by Peter Bloom Band at your local radio stations, starting in late September.  Every request helps, and is VERY MUCH appreciated!  Many thanks!  More to come...


May 26, 2009 - # 1 ON OURSTAGE.COM!!!

Thanks to you (and music fans across North America and beyond), we finally landed the Number 1 spot on!  Over the past few months, we have been honoured and thrilled to see several Peter Bloom Band tunes finish in the top 10 in various categories, including "Singer-Songwriter" and "Indie Pop".  The rankings are based on an "unbiased" voting system, where fans cannot simply log on and repeatedly hit "vote" for their friend's act.  The user is randomly presented with songs in various categories, and they are asked to rank them.  So there is no vote tampering or skewing allowed.  After several close finishes, "Let It Go" topped the "Indie Pop" list for March.  Awesome!

Thanks for your continuing support!


February 3, 2009 - GROOVE IS IN THE HEARTFELT?!?!

OK...I guess one can never tell where one will get some unexpected support.  Case in point: my lead-off single (and "smash-hit" - HA!), Let It Go...
Now, I have indeed had some terrific response to this tune from plenty of far-away places, such as Japan, the UK, even Romania!  But little could I have predicted that a radio station right here in Toronto, Canada (103.9 PROUD-FM ), would go above and beyond the call by....wait for creating a DANCE REMIX of my song and putting it into rotation starting this coming weekend!  You heard right - a dance remix of Let It Go by the very cool and highly respected DJ CajjmereWray!  I can honestly say I never would have foreseen this in a million years...but I am really touched and thankful that the "Wray" and the good people at 103.9 PROUD-FM are breathing new life into the song.
So starting this weekend,  if you get a moment, be sure to tune in, either on the radio or via the Internet, and see if you can catch the Cajjmere Wray remix of Peter Bloom Band's Let It Go.  Heck...while you're at it, go ahead and request it, why don't you!
Thanks for your continuing support!  Peace.


January 27, 2009 - "MERCI, MONTREAL!!!"

My gigs at Les Deux Gamins in Montreal this past weekend went brilliantly!  I was so touched and thrilled to have so many amazing people show up for the shows.  THANKS must go to the amazing Katherine Arthur for organizing the shows, as well as doing the press release, which ultimately secured an upcoming review by MontrealMusicScene.Com, plus numerous song spins and show plugs on CBC Radio One, CHOM-FM, and CKUT-FM, as well as a LIVE interview on CBC!  Wow!  I've been asked back by the venue, and hope to play there with a couple of local musician friends of mine next time in the early spring.  I'll keep you posted.


January 4, 2009 - MONTREAL SHOWS!!!

Happy New Year!  Well, it's taken far longer than anticipated, but I finally have two intimate solo shows booked in Montreal!  I�m so happy to be playing two nights (Janury 23rd & 24th) at Les Deux Gamins (170 Prince-Arthur Est) - my first ever Montreal gigs as a solo artist! Please come out and make this intimate homecoming weekend even more special! Visit:


October 25, 2008 - Montreal...

I'll be in Montreal for some radio promo in late November.  I'm trying hard to land a little intimate gig while I'm in town.  If I can do it, I'll let you know.  Anyone with a good Montreal venue suggestion (apart from the Bell Centre), I'm all ears.  Just send me an email.  Thanks!


Sept 28, 2008 - Slowly but surely...

The demos for the new CD are coming along nicely.  Nothing I want anyone other than my producer(s) to hear yet.  But it's getting there!  Got a couple of shows in November, so be sure to check out the "Shows" section of this site.  More soon...


July 17th, 2008 - New CD...with an exciting twist!!!

I am currently writing the songs for my second CD, which I hope to have out before Christmas.  The cool news is that I was contacted by a producer/engineer who works at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios, and he wants to produce the CD!  This guy has worked with everyone from Gabriel, to Stereophonics, to Crowded House, etc.!  He found me on MySpace of all places - what a crazy world!  We still have to work out the details, but hopefully I will be in the UK this fall for all or part of the project.  I'll definitely keep you posted.


July 1st, 2008 - SHOW POSTPONED...

Thursday's Slack's show has been postponed.  Out of my control.  Postponed until August 21st.  I'll keep you posted.



June 13, 2008 - Show details coming soon...

Just working out the details on a number of summer shows, including a couple in Montr�al and hopefully one or two in Qu�bec City.  As for in town (Toronto), the Slack's show July 3rd is confirmed, and I'm waiting to hear back about shows at the Savannah Room and the Annex Wreckroom.  You'll know as soon a I know!


June 1st, 2008 - Great show at Holy Joe's last night!!!

I was runner-up in the Paragon Entertainment singer/songwriter competition.  Second place yet again - always a bridesmaid...Thanks to all who came out to support me!


May 13, 2008 - Pretty busy month...Holy Joe's Show!

Well, since the last news update, I have been to Delaware for the Dewey Beach Popfest, as well as appearing locally a couple of times - first at the Centre-For-Well-Being, and then opening for Julie Sparks at the Rivoli.  All three gigs were terrific!  I've met all sorts of great people.  That's the power of music!

Looks as though I will be participating in an invitation-only singer/songwriter competition at Holy Joe's in Toronto,  Saturday nightMay 31st.  I hope you'll be able to make it out if you're in the GTA.  Pretty decent prizes up for grabs!  I would really appreciate your support.  Please email me for tickets (

Be sure to also check out my MySpace page, as I tend to update it a little more than this site.  I'm starting to add photos more regularly there.  Videos will follow soon hopefully!


April 15, 2008 - Opening for Juliana Sparks

I'm happy to announce that I'll be opening at the launch party for Juliana Sparks long-awaited CD entitled "Juliana" at The Rivoli (334 Queen St. W., Toronto, east of Spadina) on May 7th at 8:00 PM.

More details here.

April 7, 2008, NASHVILLE-BOUND!!!

Well, I'm on my way to Nashville, Tennesse...finally!  Stayed in Covington, Kentucky last night...across the river from Cincinnati.  Nice...apart from the shooting...but more on that later (I hope to post a video blog explaining the story!)  I'm perfoming at the Blubird Cafe tonight!  Then Wednesday (9th), I' at Richard's Cafe at 7:00 sharp.  Anyone in the Nashvile area would be most welcome - I could use the support!   These are solo shows...although for Richard's, it looks as though a couple of friends might join me for some sweet back-up vocals - fingers crossed!

Wish me luck.



Well, we TRIED to film last night's high-energy show at the legendary Horseshoe...but would you believe neither of the two cameras functioned properly...OK, ONE malfunctioned...I just forgot to press RECORD on the other - DUH!!!  Hopefully there is at least some LIVE audio that I can post next week...

Anyway, thanks to all those who decided to celebrate Valentine's Night with us last night.  You definitely came out to party!  People hit the dance floor from the first beat, and pretty much stayed up for the whole set (which started well after midnight)!  And we're not even a dancing-type bandfor the most part!  Special thanks to Cyndi Richards for organizing a benefit draw for the Heart and Stroke Foundation...and to Trina and friends from H&SF who came out to lend their support!  Of course thanks also to Craig, Naomi, Kip and the whole gang at Horseshoe for having us again.  Let's do it again soon!



WHERE: THE HORSESHOE - 370 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario (Near Spadina)           WHEN: Thursday, February 14, at MIDNIGHT (sharp)
COST: FREE - IF you email me to get on the Guest List!
We're back at the Shoe!  For all you lovers planning a romantic night out...come cap it off with some heartfelt LIVE music at Toronto's legendary Hoseshoe Tavern! We're on at MIDNIGHT, and we're done by 12:30, so come early and catch some of the earlier acts too! See you there!


Jan 19, 2008 - THANK YOU, HORSESHOE!!!

A great big THANK YOU to all those who came out to our gig last Tuesady at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern.  We shared the bill with current UK sensation, Newton Faulkner.  The place was PACKED, Much Music had cameras there, and the crowd was amazing!  Many thanks to Dave Bookman from 102.1 the Edge, and to Craig Laskey at the Horseshoe (who has already invited us back - yay)!



Peter Bloom Band hits the legendary Hoseshoe Tavern stage (370 Queen Street West at Spadina) at 11:00 PM this Tuesday, January 15th, for a killer 35-minute set!  It's all part of legendary 102.1 The Edge host Dave Bookman's "Nu Music Nite" series.  There are four acts on the bill and the whole show starts at 9:30pm, so come early and get a good seat!

Thanks for your continuing support!

Peace.December 12, 2007 - It's SHOWTIME!!!

We're getting very close to our Cameron House gig, THIS Tuesday, December 18th!  Doors open at 8:00 PM.  I'm thrilled to announce that super-talented Nashville singer/songwriter, Chris Nathan will grace us with an opening set from his new debut CD, as part of his North American tour!  He's on early, from 8:15 SHARP until around 8:40.  PBB will hit the stage at 9:00 PM.  It's all done by around 10:30.  So please get there early!  See you there!


November 4th - POSTPONED!!!  POSTPONED!!!  CD Release Party...

Sorry about this.  We have been informed that, due to an inadvertent double-booking by the venue, our CD release party has to be rescheduled!  As it is getting very close to Christmas, and these events take time to organize properly, we are likely now looking at February for a new date.  Completely out of our control.  We'll update you as soon as we have a firm new date.  Peace.


Just got word (belatedly) that "Let It Go" was named Song Of The Year (Pop category - August, 2007) in the monthly SOTY International Competition!  What a month it has been!  Now here's the skinny on the Hoseshoe Tavern gig:  Tuesday, January 15th, 2008 at 11:00 PM.  The ONLY Toronto show in January.  BIG show!  30-minute set at the Horseshoe!  We're listed at 11:00 PM, but to be safe, be there at 9:30. FREE SHOW, so come!!!  It is a Tuesday night, but the better the crowd, the better our chances of landing weekend shows there. See you there! 


October 25, 2007 - CD RELEASE PARTY @ REVIVAL!!!

At last, Peter Bloom Band will officially launch the debut full-length CD - Random Thoughts (from a paralyzed mind). Revival is a BIG club, with BIG sound, so please come join us and make it a BIG night! Doors at 8:00. Show at 8:30. Peace.

Revival is at 783 College Street, Toronto.  (Between Dufferin & Bathurst, Corner Shaw St., South side).


Great News - Peter Bloom Band picked up TWO Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards last night: Best Rock Song ("Helping Hand"), and Best Rock Group!  What a thrill!  Many thanks to Phil Joyce at T.E.M. who produced the show.  It's vital to have support such as this for independent artists!  There were some super acts at the show, including Bobby Cameron, Noella Choi, Daphne Darling, 7D2P, Johnny Hollow, and many more!  I'm honoured to have been singled out twice among so many worthy artists.

Next up - the Ontario Independent Music Awards in November (we're up for Best Rock Song -"Walls")...and then, if all goes well, the JUNOS in the spring...hey, I can always dream, can't I?!


October 9, 2007 - Nominated for an ONTARIO INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARD!!!

What a week!  I just received word that Peter Bloom Band has been nominated for another award - this time it's an Ontario Independent Music Award!  Pretty sweet!  Things are really picking up.  Word is finally getting out there, but please do what you can to help people hear PBB's music - I would be so very grateful!

I'll keep you posted as to the results of both the Toronto Exclusive Awards and the Ontario Independent Awards. 

And for those of you in and around Toronto, if you're not busy, come check out PBB at Global Village Backpackers this Thursday, October 11th.  Time TBA, but I'm guessing arriving by 8:30 or 9:00 should be a safe bet to catch our 30-minute ELECTRIC set!




GREAT NEWS!!!  I just got notice that Peter Bloom Band has been nominated in SIX categories for the 1st Annual Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards!  It may not be the Junos or the Grammys, but it's nice nonetheless! Here are the categories we're nominated in:

Artist Of The Year Overall (Group)

Best Rock Group

Best Rock Song: "Helping Hand"

Best Rock Album: "Random Thoughts (from a paralyzed mind)"

Best Website (Danielle Holke)

Best CD Artwork (Mike Cugno)

Thanks for your continuing support - wish us luck!



September 15, 2007 - BUY THE NEW CD NOW!!!


Random Thoughts (from a paralyzed mind), the debut release from the Peter Bloom Band, is now specially available to fans for advance purchase. Just click on the SHOP link on this site or visit for details.

BUT wait... if you're in Toronto, the BEST way to get your hands on the CD is at a LIVE show... coming soon to a venue near you, more details to follow soon. In the meantime, click the MUSIC link and listen to some newly posted tracks!

Thanks for your continuing support!



September 2, 2007 - AT LAST!!! THE CD IS HERE!

OK, so I basically dropped off the face of the earth for most of the summer...well, believe it or not, while I was keeping invisible, a funny thing happened - THE CD FINALLY ARRIVED!!! So, over the next few days, my web host will set up an e-commerce option to enable you to buy the FULL disc - Random Thoughts (from a paralyzed mind) - off this website. Digital downloads will also be available via iTunes, Napster, etc., in about 2 months (takes a while for them to set up my account. BUT, the BEST way to get your hands on the CD is at a LIVE show of the Peter Bloom Band...coming soon to a venue near you (meaning Toronto for the short term!) Please be sure to check back in on this site in about a week for new song samples AND the option to purchase the debut disc of the Peter Bloom Band!

Thanks for your patience and support!



July 10, 2007 - Promises, promises...

Well, the CD was mastered...but there were a few little things that need to be revisited (surprise, surprise) I'm going to stop saying when the CD WILL BE available, and just wait to tell you when it actually IS available, OK? Hang in truly is sounding great, but I want everything just right (yes, I'm slightly obsessive). It will be well worth the wait...full band experience - the way the songs were meant to be.

With so many people on summer vacation and since I will be unavailable for most of August, the release party will have to be in September at this point. But I should have the discs in hand well before then...hopefully! Thanks for your patience.


June 15, 2007 - At last, the CD is done!!!

Hey, everyone! OK, so this project took more out of me than expected, but the results are well worth it! My debut 10-song solo CD has finally been mixed!!! All that's left now is mastering and manufacturing.

In the meantime, if you want to hear some advanced "snippets" of the tunes, please check out my EPK at , and double click the play button. I have a "rock" compilation and a "mellower" compilation too...and I can't wait to get back out there and let these songs rip in a live, full-band setting. I hope I can count on your support at my release party (details TBA shortly), and beyond...


May 10, 2007 - Back from Vancouver!!!

Hey, all!

Well, I'm back from Vancouver, where I showcased during the New Music West Conference. It was a terrific experience! I got lots of great feedback, made some good contacts, and generally had a blast. Thanks to all my friends who made the effort to come out and support me. It means a LOT!

I'll be back in BC in August for a wedding and hopefully a few more gigs. Stay tuned.

Also, a BIG THANK YOU to Bill McKetrick, Blair Packham and Rik Emmet for putting together and hosting a wonderful songwriters' night at Hugh's Room on Aprril 30th. I've been so busy, I hadn't said thanks yet...but it was a great night of song and laughs! Hope we'll be doing it again soon!

That's it for now. Thanks for caring.


March 28, 2007 - NEW MUSIC WEST!!!

Great News - I've just been invited to showcase in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia at the NEW MUSIC WEST conference! Any west coast fans and friends, here's your chance to show me some love (HA) at an intimate little musical gathering! It's at a little place called "Caf� Monmartre". Not sure about exact location yet, but I'm sure it's easy to find. See you there. Peace.

March 21, 2007 - Spring has sprung...

I can almost taste it now...I can definitely smell, not the dog droppings that are resurfacing from the melting snow...I'm talking about my new CD!!! It's my debut solo effort, and man it is going to sound so sweet! Britpop meets 70's rock...beautiful, singable songs, with lots of meat on the's going to move you, trust me! In the meantime, I'm also starting to figure out my LIVE schedule, so anyone out there (particularly North America, but not necessarily) who's into my music, feel free to contact me and let me know about any gig you think I might want to do. I'm open, baby!!! Ready to roll...solo or full band...or any combination in between! This is going to be a summer to remember!


February 1, 2007 - The Radio Star 2007 regional contest results are in...

...and my song, Let It Go, finished in SECOND place! Not bad at all - especially because I just found out that second place carries with it a $3000 cheque to go toward my upcoming CD!!! I truly had no idea that this round had any cash prizes (especially for runners-up) So I'll take it, thanks! Pretty darn sweet! Both the cash and the exposure will help a LOT!

Sincere congratulations go out to Hill for their song, Dead Or Alive which won top regional honors - it's a really catchy tune - very well done! Best of luck to them in the national finals!

Thanks to Music Director, Wayne Webster at 99.9 Mix FM, and all those involved with this year's Radio Star contest! It's been a terrific experience!

And to all of you who voted for me, forwarded my request for support to others, or simply sent me good vibes, I say a great big THANKS - I truly appreciate your support, and I feel blessed to have gone as far as I did, thanks in no small part to YOU!

But this is only the beginning. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for news about my soon-to-be-released CD! Until then...




January 31, 2007 - FINAL VOTING DAY!!!

Please remember to vote online today for my song, Let It Go, in the regional finals of the Radio Star 2007 contest. Today is the LAST DAY of the contest. So please, Click here to vote! Thanks!


January 27, 2007 - CONTEST FINALIST!!!

I have some pretty cool news! My song, Let It Go, has just advanced to the regional finals in the Radio Star 2007 contest, hosted by 99.9 Mix FM!!!

It's between me and four other artists (all with very good songs, I might add). The final decision rests in the hands of the online voters (YOU). So please, if you have a minute, click on the link below and vote for my tune (if you like it, of course!) Simply select the circle beside the song (2. Peter Bloom - Let It Go), and then click the gray VOTE button found just below the song list. (If you also want to request the song, you can return to the page after voting and do so...but VOTING is the priority. I'm not sure how many times one person can vote - I'll leave that up to you.) Voting ends this Wednesday, January 31st, 2007 @ 11:59pm.

Click here to vote!

The winner will be announced on Thursday morning, February 1st, 2007 with Mad Dog and Billie. Toronto-area listeners can hear all five finalists' songs on the Mix between 9 and 10 p.m., this Monday and Tuesday evening (29th & 30th) with Freeway Frank. The rest of you can listen online at .
If I win this round, I move on to the National Finals! Pretty sweet! The prizes are great, but it's the exposure that would really be a bonus!

THANKS - I really appreciate any support you can give me. Please tell all your friends and family who might be interested to visit the contest page and vote too...the more the merrier!



January 17, 2007 - I'm BAAACK...

Belated Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for checking in. Lots of interesting things developing music-wise.

COMPETITION HEATS UP - I just received word that my song "Let It Go" has advanced to the next round of judging in the 2007 International Songwriting Competition (ISC)! I'm not so big on contests anymore, but this is one of the few that I regard very highly, so I'm pretty excited. The semi-finalists aill be announced on February 1st, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

PUBLISHER COMES A-CALLIN' - I've had a good number of stateside publishers express some interest in my music, but it looks as though I may have finally found one who is truly interested in doing a deal (or did they find me?) More on this situation as it plays out over the next few weeks.

IN STUDIO - As I've been advertising over the past few months, my full CD is due for release this year. We're actually aiming for the end of April. As this is a DIY project (sorry, no major label deal yet - HA! HA!), there is a TON of stuff to get done in a rather short span of time, including finishing the recording and mixing, prepping the artwork before getting the CD manufactured, promoting a first single to the media and radio starting a good two months before the release, and of course continuing to play the odd gig (kind of important, huh?!) All this to say, that I will try to post as many updates as possible over the next few months, but please be patient, as this is the "BIG PUSH" before the CD is released. And it's going to be a good one - no doubt about it!

That's it for now. Be sure to check in from time to time, as things are really starting to come together. Thanks for caring.


Below are links to me singing "Bring Him Home" from "Les Miserables" and to PBB covering U2's BAD at the Toronto ITH benefit concert. BRING HIM HOME & BAD

see Pete's blog.

PBB's indie debut CD - Random Thoughts (from a paralyzed mind) - is available here.

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