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   (Words and Music copyright 2006 Peter Bloom)

   Come along - the world awaits
   A work of art no hand can trace
   She's lovely
   She'll steal your every thought
   Lighting up a night of stars
   Bright enough to hide the scars
   The moment skips and slowly slips away
   Seems too far is as close as I can be
   King of all imperfect harmony

   These Walls keep something inside of me
   I want all the world to know
   But I can't seem to let it show
   Another bird without a song
   Every word I write is wrong
   All alone and tongue-tied to a tree
   While its shadow hides the light you'll never see

   Choose your cross
   The life you want
   The truth lost
   The liars won
   No one knows the limit
   You're in it till you're gone
   Then you go back to whence you came
   Soul path leads once again
   To on and on
   You need to belong
   Forever more a beggar for a home

   Chorus: (Same 1st half)...
   A lonely wave bound for shore
   All around a million more
   Come and go and no one knows we've been
   Life's a riddle
   How little now can mean

   Sand falls from the metal of a shovel
   Man calls for a battle with the devil
   All right boys don't miss your calling
   Loud noise like missiles falling
   Can't breathe and I'm reaching for someone
   Jesus - please it's me
   I'm coming up for air
   There's no one there

   Chorus: (Same 1st half)...
   A flower laid on lime above
   A final fading sign of love
   Will find a way to play a part again
   Too much time - it never came to me
   Too much time - forever's plain to see
   You'll never die if you never close your eyes
   No goodbyes
   No goodbyes

   Chorus: (Same 1st half)...
   So now you know

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Haven't Hit the Floor Yet

(Words and Music copyright 2006 Peter Bloom)


I haven't hit the floor yet

I'm not going down

Like a stubborn sunset

I'm still around

I'll never leave you alone (X2)


I'm going to light up the sky

With infinite grace

A lot of years have passed us by

They can't be erased

I'll never leave you alone (X2)



I've been standing still

While the world's been spinning round

And every face became

Just a face in the crowd

I've been losing sleep

As the night's been gaining ground

But I won't let the night

Drag me down


I haven't hit the floor yet

Go on dry your eyes

Been living only to forget

Forever never dies

I'll never leave you alone




It won't drag me down - Memories in a cage

It won't drag me down - Fading from the page

It won't drag me down - It'll never wipe away

What was ours

It's still ours

Our love




  I haven't hit the floor yet


*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***


 (Words and Music copyright 2007 Peter Bloom)


 Picked up the phone last night at quarter to ten

 You sounded a million miles away

 You said you'd be coming back

 To where you're from again



   Now you know it's hopeless

   Trying to wish away the pain

   The clouds in your brilliant skies will break

 And leave an afterglow

   But you have to let it go

 Can't save the drowning sorrows

 Tied to your mistakes



   Be careful my love

   Don't throw your life away

   Don't let the night beat the day

   Be careful my love

   Till morning shines again

   I'll be your light


 It's set in stone

 Looks like you won't let reason in

   Well then I tell you child be safe

 But now if you come home

 And somehow still feel alone

 When daylight fills tomorrow

   I won't make you stay




   Has the stain of it all made you blind

   Let the colour of shame fade out in time

 Come on

   There's a chain on your soul that you've tied

 Help me to change your mind tonight

 Come on




 Picked up the phone tonight at quarter to ten

 You sounded a million miles away

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

 Let It Go
 (Words and Music copyright 2006 Peter Bloom)

 You know there's no good way to leave
 Just go
 Are you sorry
 You never let it show
 Do you blame yourself

 You're holding on as though you even care
 Time will mend so many holes
 Sew many tears

 I sit and wait alone and pretend
 A cigarette holding my hand
 A silhouette my only friend
 Will you let it end

 Love - we're better off this way
 These splattered shades of gray
 Will never fully cover up what once was
 Love - don't call it giving in
 Surrender's not the same
 As letting go

 We both could choke on all the reasons
 Why are you trying to find
 Insight in hindsight

 When our bitterness has tainted the view
 Is it better for yourself if you do
 Whatever helps you make it through


 Is it better to have lost
 Than never to have loved
 Or been loved
 Was Tennyson liar
 Did pain and poetry conspire
 Just to fool a hopeful heart